TEDxSapporo inauguration symposium

I was attending the TEDxSapporo inauguration event today, The 1st International symposium - gaze at Japan from the world ~after a year from the disaster~.


Very interesting presentations in English, even an international rakugo by a lady rakugo performer from Sapporo!!


Congratulations, Dilip BK Sunar, the founder and his team, for the good job and the initiative.


Time for Sapporo also to begin informing ideas to the world.  City of Sapporo declared herself to be "Ideas City" in March, 2006. Today's event can be the first step toward that direction.

Looking forward to the coming events of TEDxSapporo.


P.S.  This was my first attendance to a TED conference and we were informed today that there are no time to ask questions nor exchange ideas after the presentations according to the TED rules.  This is really disappointing since I firmly believe that interactive sessions would create more constructive ideas.




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    Dilip BK Sunar (日曜日, 12 2月 2012 22:08)

    Dear Kawasaki,

    It was an honor for you to have you at the event today. We try to believe that our try to TEDx event in Hokkaido went well but personally me there are lots of things we need to progress.

    However your comments like this give me a hope that I have support as I am not a Japanese or a Sapporo Citizen but I love this city and people of Japan very much, culture to my own family here.

    I will do my best.,

    PS, At every TEDx events no panel discussions or interaction is allowed with speakers but we are introducing a new program TEDxSapporoSalon where we can discuss and exchange ideas and experience.

    I will keep you updated.

    Keep in touch.

    Best Regards,

    Dilip BK Sunar,



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    Kazuhiko Kawasaki (日曜日, 12 2月 2012 22:21)

    Dilip, thanks for your comments. Let us keep in touch to make Sapporo more international.

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    吉田耕作 (火曜日, 21 2月 2012 17:05)