TEDxSapporo event

I was invited to a TEDxSapporo event this evening which I took part in with great pleasure.


Today's event consisted of 2 parts. 1) watching TEDxChange event from Berlin and 2)2 local presentations.


Presentations from Berlin were to be honest of different qualities. However,

-Ms. Melinda French Gates (Mrs Bill Gates) was really a good speaker.

-TED is marketing with the phrase "Ideas worth spreading". Now there are obviously increasing interests to discuss more on "actions".


2 local presentations were both excellent. Especially "Color Vision and Human Diversity" by Dr Kazunori Asada.  Not just because I have color vision deficiency myself but because it is great to note that his inventions from Sapporo are spreading all over the world.  His "Color simulators" have been downloaded by 47.000 people by now.


TEDxSapporo is initiating "salon" from May that I look forward to with interest.


Here are some of my ideas to make TEDxSapporo even more exciting in the future.


-to focus on a theme or topic for each event.   In my field for example, "social entrepreneurs", "entrepreneurship education", "regional development- Is Hokkaido's future hopeless?", "Happiness - are we less happier on Hokkaido and in Japan?".  Topics and themes that ideas and actions worth spreading from Sapporo.


-collaborations with existing organizations here in Sapporo.  Maybe TEDxSapporo can help make these organizations more international also.


Thanks for the invitation and the kind arrangement, Dilip and the company.  I look forward to your next move.