Took part in "smile coaching" course and now I am a certified "smile coaching" facilitator!


"smile coaching" is a 2 hour workshop course to pull out and exploit smiles and potentials from each other.


"smile coaching" was designed and developed by Professor Masato Honma and offered by NPO Hello Dream.


Among others Sanrio Inc. that markets Hello Kitty supports NPO Hello Dream as a CSR activity.


The works contain for example,


1) smile with each other

2) hero smile interview

3) "switches" of smiles  - brainstorming


We were some 15 participants and enjoyed really every minute of it!


I had not planned to take part in the afternoon session to be trained as a "smile coaching" facilitator but decided to join since I was so excited!   


Now I am a certified "smile coaching" facilitator and would like to hold "smile coaching" sessions in Scandinavia.


Everybody is interested to pull out and exploit smiles and potentials.   The courses can be targeted to school classes, office coworkers, families etc.  I am confident that sessions will contribute to bridge the cultural differences and encourage more communications by mixing both Japanese and non-Japanese.


Thank you, Hiroka Nakakura for recommending me to join "smile coaching" workshop. Visit Hiroka's blog that reports from the course.  Thank you, Keisuke Uchida sensei for the fantastic facilitation.


It was really another happy and memorable day.



七倉 廣香 (Hiroka Nanakura)さんのお誘いで偶然 "笑顔のコーチング" 研修に参加し、ただただ感動感銘でした。当初の予定を変更して午後も引き続き参加し、"笑顔のコーチング"ファシリテーター認定証を頂きました。


"笑顔のコーチング"を開発された 本間 正人 (Homma Masato)先生の活動には注目させて頂いておりました。


内田 圭介 (Keisuke Uchida)シニアファシリテーターによれば、これまで海外での笑顔のコーチング講座は、タイやイギリスで開催されているとのことですが、現地在住の日本人が対象だったとのこと。